Your website?

Hosting and S.E.O.?

We take care of it!

Every website we host requires our full attention.
This is personalized hosting.

Performance, spaces, storage, access, don’t worry about that. We’re not going to bother you with technical terms. Your site will have our full attention. It will be secured and tracked 24/7/365.

We offer you an easy-to-use support to ask us all the questions. Don’t hesitate!

We ensure for you the S.E.O. follow-up with a monthly report on the performance of your site.

We follow the update of the plugins and theme of your WordPress site. It is secured with a specific plugin. We watch it for you. Save time, it is so precious.

A coherent, competent team,
and reactive


WordPress Designer
Graphic Designer PhotoShop & Illustrator
French & Spanish Translator


Systems Engineer
and Networks


PHP & HTML Designer
Wordpress & PrestaShop Specialist


First of all, we love what we do and what we do it with. We put a priority both on the quality of our services but also on the quality of our servers. Our main pre-occupancy of an accommodation is to reach 0% interruption of service. Our customers rely on us for a total 24-hour broadcast of their websites.

We constantly monitor the statistics. As soon as we notice a slowdown, we take stock and act accordingly. We like “fast” sites. We ensure the update of your theme, your plugins and your WordPress.

Backing up sites and databases? Every day for some, every week or every month for others. During the creation period, the site is saved several times a day. We always choose the top for the pleasure of pleasing you …

MalinPro Picto SEO Tracking


You have to give every chance to your website to hope one day to be very well placed in the search engine result, and for that we have developed a whole operational checklist to get there. We offer you a set up for a good natural referencing of your website, but also two SEO Tracking Packs at affordable prices.

Entrust us with your site, we will put everything you need for its SEO. We will follow up on its indexing. We will correct all alerts received by search engines. We will correct some parameters, some metadata if necessary (depending on the Pack). In any case, you will receive each month a report on indexations and performance for the SEO part, and statistics on visits.

All our creations, basic, are ready for the S.E.O. The one where the option “With S.E.O.” is specified, we ensure the indexing of the site, the corrections of indexing errors and the follow-up over a year.


We want to be responsive to all your requests.

For this, you have at your disposal a support accessible via your account. It is easy to use, you will receive an e-mail for each of our answers.

It is a service that is open 5 days a week from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and on Saturday mornings from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Specifically for hostings, the service is open every day of the year.

MalinPro SUpport

Hosting – SEO monitoring – Assistance – Responsiveness
They trust us …


A whole team awaits you: designers, graphic designers, photographers, writers, translators. Your project will be managed by an experienced Project Manager.

We have a precise working method, an action plan that we propose for each new project. All the phases, steps and actions of each are detailed. We work with communication agencies and other partners, and our method has proven its worth.

For cost reasons, we work exclusively with WordPress and with themes that offer demonstrations that we install and from which we base ourselves for the creation of your website. We have at your disposal royalty-free illustrations and images that could help you dress up your site. Colors, illustrations and images are important for the visual identity of your website, as well as the logo.


We offer our partners attractive prices both for the construction of the sites but both for all our services.

We can take care of the purchase of the domain, the setting up of the site, create the email addresses and all the services necessary for the smooth running of the file. You have priority.

We can also offer you dedicated servers for which we fully support system management and backups, security and monitoring.

We have on site graphic designers, designers, translators and WordPress specialists in particular. We work in France with graphic designers, designers and system engineers.

We want to be your exclusive supplier.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

Do not hesitate to contact us …

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Tel. +33 7 56 98 36 48

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