The whole team is waiting for you :
designers, artists, photographers,
editors, translators …
Your project will be managed by an
experienced Project Manager

1st PART


Listen to you, we ask you targeted questions

In order to better determine our proposals we need to know what you want from your future site. For that, we will discuss your activity, your company's vision and your expectations...

Choose your visual identity : your colors, your logo, your fonts, your graphical space...

After that, we'll try to know your taste in terms of graphic design : your colors, your fonts, your tastes in design. As many features as possible to better target your priorities and to offer you the projects that will concern to you.

Develop together a sitemap ...

This third part of our interview will give us an overview of what you want to put on your website. Don't worry, with our experience we'll find ideas and solutions for you.

2nd PART


Presentation of our solutions

Putting all the components we have together at first we offer you several themes that might be convenient for you with all its possibilities, its weak and strong points.

First suggestion for the page layout

Page layout that was developed according to the chosen themes, to our illustration projects and photos.

Outline of our proposal

A clear and precise offer. Each option is well estimated and calculated. A final total price without surprises. Prices for your site from 290,00€.

Launch of the project

At the start of the project you'll appreciate the efficiency of an experienced Project Director: action plan, planning, coordination of work of various actors involved, step-by-step approach, budget control...



The importance of the image

In the web world we also have fashion. Now the trend is toward websites containing lots of exceptional photos with short and strong textes. Internet users don’t have much time to read …

We work with exceptional photographers.

Example :

Roman Demchenko

Photographer – Sochi




Texts are of primary importance and there are 4 principles :


1/ They should attract internet users’ attention : you don’t have to say too much.
2/ Strong titles, subtitles that attract attention.
3/ Texts that are straight to the point, not being a novel.
4/ No vocabulary and grammar mistakes.



If you want to be easily found via searching engines you should be sure that your textes are of a high quality. We will note all the key words for your activity beforehand in order to better integrate them into the site. Furthermore, each page should reflect each area of your company’s activity. Don’t mix everything up, search engine spiders won’t understand anything. Websites are often compared to the newspapers : the 1st page is the home page with all the links to the articles. Each article can take a whole page or be a part of news (in a blog). Anyway the site should be structured.



If you want to have a multi-language site, we have a turnkey technical solutions at very affordable prices, but also professional translators both in Russia and in France who will offer you high-quality translations keeping this “marketing” aspect of your announcements. Anyway, the translation will be reviewed by a native speaker.



What about layout, just trust us. Creating internet sites is our profession and we keep up with technological changes and follow the actual trends.


Have you ever seen storefronts in shops being changed every 3 years? No, they’re changed at least twice a year following fashion and technological evolutions. The same thing for your website!


Nowadays websites are disposable and we change them at least 3 times a year. And each time it should follow the trends. Moreover, it’s your pledge of modernity to your clients and visitors.


What is « a landing page » ? It is the fashion at this time when the communication between the Internet and social networks is extremely effective.


Nowadays everybody wants to have a « landing page ». But what does it mean ? It contains your contact information, your photo, your passions, your education and training courses as well as your professional experience.


Of course, you can benefit from the latest design technologies : parallax scrolling, animated presentations, gallery of images presented in different ways, etc.


You don’t have to buy an internet domain, we can offer you a personalized alias with our domain, for exemple : You put your personalized domain on your business cards or on your social networks, so that you friends, your acquaintances and just visitors will be able to browse your “Landing page”.


Your « landing page » will be referenced like a normal site. We’re going to pay particular attention to making it easily visible and well referenced. Sooner or later you’ll appear in search engine results…So it’s necessary to be impressive !


The “Landing page” can also be an instrument for advertisement and promotion, we can do everything !


You just give us all the information and photos, we ask you some questions to better know your taste, we take some photos of you if necessary and that’s it !


We offer your future “Landing page” from 290,00 €.